How to use a foot file

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Despite having a flawless complexion, what also significantly matters are your feet.  They are generally left unnoticed and do not count in our beauty regime. They need extra care during summers as they are more exposed to dirt and sun. Clean feet signify your personal hygiene too. Callused feet, dry and cracked heels are unattractive and have a tendency to collect dirt. To keep your feet look clean and beautiful, you can use a foot file or a foot scraper.

In this blog, we will tell you about foot files and how you can use them effectively.

A foot file is made up of gritty exfoliating material like metal or emery which removes the tough dead skin from the feet. It can be used in our regular foot care to help keep our feet and heels smooth and clean. Foot file are of several types- foot scraper, foot buffer or callus remover.

Foot file comes in a variety of different styles and strengths. One with fine glass and emery paper helps in gentle buffing while one of rough microplane type which helps in scraping the dead skin. A foot file can be manual or electric. An electric foot file is one in which there is a battery attached. The user does not have to put extra efforts to shed the dead skin.

foot scraper, manual foot scrapper, cleaning footelectric foot crapper, foot scrapper, cleaning foot

The steps to be followed while using a foot file are-

  • Select a foot file according to your feet

Most foot files have two sides in which one is rougher than the other. First use the rough side followed by finer side. Electric foot file often gives professional results. You can also use a sterilize glass foot file. Make sure that you purchase a thicker one so that it does not easily break.

foot file, curved foot file, pedicure tool, foot carefoot file, pedicure file, pedicure tool, foot care

  • Get a pumice

In order to get extra smooth skin, get some pumice stone. If you are able to arrange one with a handle attached to it, then it is good because it will make it easier for you to use.

pumice stone, pumice. pedicure tool, foot carepumice stone, pumice, pedicure tool, foot care

  • Prepare water basin

Any container will work which can submerge your feet. A foot spa basin is not necessary but if you can arrange one, that is good. Fill the container with hot water which your feet can withstand.

water basin, body spa, water, foot cleaning, foot soaking

  • Add some additives

You can customize your feet’s soak as per your convenient. You can either add shampoo or hand soap in order to produce suds. Also you can add some scent according to your mood. Try to add some minerals or Epsom salt. It helps healing crack heels and aching feet. In order to moisturize your skin better, add a teaspoon of oil. You can use olive oil, aromatic or essential oils like chamomile or lavender. You can also add some mineral rich seaweed, marine algae or menthol.

additives, pedicure essentials, lavender

  • Soak your feet

Now your water basin is ready. You can soak your feet in it. Keep them soaked for 5 minutes but ideally you should keep it for 15 minutes. Make sure that your feet become as soft as possible, even wrinkly, before using a foot file.  This will prevent your feet from bleeding.

soak feet, clean feet, pedicure, foot care

  • Dry your feet

Place a towel beside your water basin. After 15 minutes take your feet out from the water basin and place them on the towel. Gently rub the towel over your feet. Make your feet dry enough to use a foot file effectively and moist enough to keep them soft.

dry feet, beautiful feet, pedicure, pedicure at home, foot care

  • Determine rough areas

Run your hands over the feet and feel the rough areas. Pay attention to the parts where thick skin is more likely to be present like ball of the foot, heel, top of your toes and foot sides. Once you have looked for which areas to work on, you can now start using a foot file.

massage, foot massage, foot care, pedicure, pedicure at home

  • Use the foot file

Pick your foot and place it on the knee of the other leg. Flex your foot stretching so that the foot ball sticks out more. Hold the foot file against the foot and in downward direction, scrap the dead hard skin. Use the rough side first. Keep scraping until all the area of the foot becomes smooth. Avoid using the foot file at tender areas. If you notice the hard skin is still there, use the other side of the foot file. Similarly, scrap the other foot by placing it on the knee of the opposite leg.

foot file, foot cleaning, foot care, pedicure, pedicure at home

  • Use a pumice stone

Apply some oil on the foot or on the pumice stone and move it in circular motion. Pumice stone acts as an exfoliator. It is effective at sloughing off remaining dead skin. It is rough and hard on sensitive skin so do not press it hard on the skin.

pumice stone, pumice, fot cleaning, foot care, pedicure, pedicure at home

  • Check your feet

Run your hands over your feet and check whether there is still some dead skin left or not. If you still feel some roughness, reuse the foot file and pumice stone. Do not overuse them because it can cause redness, irritation or cuts.

massage, foot massage, foot care, pedicure, pedicure at home

  • Apply lotion

It is very important to keep your feet moisturized after using a foot file. Apply some lotion on your feet to keep them moisturized. You can use any scented lotion, cream or oil but make sure that it locks the moisture into the skin.

apply lotion, foot lotion, foot care, foot massage, pedicure, pedicure at home

  • Massage your feet

Massaging is really good for the newly exposed skin. It reduces pain, increases blood circulation and relaxes muscles. Massage one foot at a time for at least two minutes. Grasp the foot in both hands. Use both the hands to squeeze the foot near the toes. Gradually move up towards the ankle.Use both the hands to twist the foot lightly in opposite directions. Start at the toes and work up towards the ankle.Rub your fingers of both the hands along the foot in circular motions. Feel for crevices between bones and joints. Press in and rub those areas.You can also use your knuckles along the bottom of the foot. Kneading the skin with your knuckles offers greater pressure and feels great.

massage feet, pedicure at home, pedicure, foot care

GUBB USA grooming range is specially designed to meet modern needs and to make personal grooming a fun task than just boring routine. Now ditch those professional methods and get soft and beautiful feet at home. Try our wide range of foot file and other foot essentials.


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