Top 6 Facial Tools to Use with Face Routine Products

Date: December 31st, 2021 | Gubbecom

Face care routine is all about cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. But this is not enough for your face; it needs extra care.

Technology keeps changing the way we do things, and the revolution naturally comes down to the ever-improving field of face care. Using face care products with facial tools helps improve the health of your skin more effectively.

A new era of face care has begun – and in this post, we will enlighten it for you.

Yes, we will discuss some of the most beneficial facial tools in detail.

We will talk about precisely what you need to know about each type of tool. But first, let’s learn what facial tools are.

What are Facial Tools?

Facial tools are skincare devices that help improve the effectiveness of skincare products. Facial tools help skin products penetrate better, improve circulation, relax facial muscles, reduce wrinkles, tone skin, and more.

The whole category of facial tools has proven them as a catalyst to the face routine. Facial tools enhance the glow of your face and give you a wide range of benefits.

It is time to add facial tools to your face care routine.

So, here we go.

Face Rollers

Face rollers improve blood circulation on the face. Using the face roller stimulates the muscles and increases the blood flow to the front. As a result, it decreases puffiness and can make your face look brighter and feel firmer.

Some studies suggest that using face rollers can help clear the sinus, though the research is still in the early stages.

How To Use Face Rollers?

Store your roller in the refrigerator or use an inherently cold stone, like jade. Once it is cool, roll the tool on your face with the right skincare product. Using the cold face roller will make your skin cold on the contact. This can quickly depuff your face and tighten pores.

Using the roller with an oil or moisturizer helps the tool glide across the face smoothly, making the skin product go deeper into your face and improve its effectiveness.

Gua Sha

The gua sha is a unique stone used to soothe sore muscles and stimulate better blood circulation. It helps eliminate the loosening of the face skin by sculpting the chin, under-eye, nose, forehead, and other parts.

Using this tool for just a few minutes for a few days will help relieve tension and wrinkles. It helps shape the jaws, furrow in the brow, pressure the sinus, and reduce inflammation under the skin. The massage with gua sha gives you a feel of a handheld mini spa facial at your home.

How To Use Gua Sha?

First, apply some face oil or serum on your skin.

Then place gua sha from where you wish to list your facial muscles. Glide the facial tool across your face and hold it steady. Repeat the process of gliding it across your face for a few minutes daily for a week.

Derma Roller

Derma roller is a great skincare tool used to increase the effectiveness of creams and oils. It is a home-use micro-needling device used to open facial skin and head scalp pores.

The product effectively treats stubborn pimples, acne marks, light-colored freckles from the face. It is also used on the scalp to increase the absorption of hair oils and serums.

How To Use Derma Roller?

First, rinse your derma roller in warm water and disinfect it by soaking it in isopropyl alcohol.

Hygiene is of utmost importance while using derma rollers, as the needles create many micro punctures in the skin.

Apply the cream or oil on your face if using it for your face. For the head, apply hair oil or serum on the scalp.

Roll the derma roller six to eight times horizontally in one direction and lift it. Repeat the same steps vertically. Re-apply the skincare product you have used.

Disinfect or sanitize the roller after use.

Face Massager

Face massagers are a great tool to relax the facial muscles and increase blood circulation of the muscles. Depending upon the different models, the tool’s head vibrates or rotates around its axis to smoothen the skin.

Face massagers also work well on other parts of your body. The massager depuffs and soothes the skin by increasing blood circulation.

How To Use Face Massager?

Pair a face massager with your favorite moisturizers. Apply the cream to the desired area, turn on the massager, and gently roll it upward.

Rock the massaging roller on larger areas of skin in a back-and-forth motion.

Silicone Brush

Silicone brushes are great for evenly applying creams for massages and cleansing the skin.

The soft brush is an excellent tool for evenly applying your favorite face products and cleansing your face during the routine of face care.

How To Use Silicon Brush?

Use the flat end of the brush to scoop out the cream and evenly apply it across the surface of your skin.

Ice Globe

This ice globe is another excellent tool designed to relax facial muscles. You can guess from the name of this product; it has ice inside. When an ice globe is used to massage facial muscles, it gives a cooling effect to your face.

These ice globes are effective in reducing puffiness and shrinking the pores.

How To Use Ice Globe?

Refrigerate ice globes for 10 minutes. Apply facial serum on your skin.

Move it over the surface of your face in upward motions. Repeat it 3 to 5 times for each part. Don’t forget to wash your globe with soap after use to keep it clean for the future.


The range of facial tools is wide and deciding which one to start with might be bit confusing. From simple brushes to rollers with needles, the face care tools give you a way to make skincare products more effective.

In a nutshell, the tools can help reduce acne, pigmentation, skin aging, puffiness, and more. Pick the one that you feel can blend with your face care routine.

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