Date: October 11th, 2021 | Gubbecom

Monsoon brings the much-needed relief from the scorching summer heat but with that, it brings a slew of hair problems. If you don’t provide extra care to your tresses in this season, they will become extremely frizzy, dry, and hard to manage. Let’s not forget the age-old issues of hair fall and dandruff that accompany this weather!The main reason behind hair fall and frizziness is the high humidity levels in the monsoons. Our hair becomes more sensitive to airborne hydrogen that makes it weak and dry. The hair roots swell and erupt which causes hair to fall. But don’t worry, to tackle all these problems, you just need to follow a few easy steps.Here, we’ll talk about a simple yet effective hair routine you can follow this rainy season and some extra tips to maintain a flawless mane. So let’s get started!


This is without a doubt one of the most important steps in your hair care regimen. The trick is to choose a shampoo that is gentle on your hair and doesn’t strip away the moisture. If your current shampoo is not working in this weather, you can switch to another one, preferably a sulphate-free formula that helps in retaining the natural moisture in your tresses.Try to wash your hair at least twice a week as rainwater can leave a lot of residue and grime on your scalp that makes your roots weak and accelerates hair fall.

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