Brow Kit Pro

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  • Ultra sleek and compact, this pocket mirror is a must-have
  • Dual functioned, with a 5x magnifying mirror
  • 100% high quality stainless steel tweezers
  • Featuring a comfortable, non-slip grip


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GUBB Compact Pocket Mirror and Mini Tweezer Set are perfect for on-the-go eyebrow touch-ups! This ultra-handy, two-fold makeup essential is equipped with a zoom-in magnifying mirror on one side and is ideal for vacations, parties and the office. The GUBB stainless steel mini tweezer set help to pluck the smallest of hairs. Pluck stray strands of hair and peach fuzz right from the root, and use the tweezer to precisely define your eyebrows.


Our pocket mirror is multipurpose. The regular mirror allows you to see your full face easily, while the 5x magnifying mirror makes those on-the-go touch ups really convenient!

Slim and lightweight, this mirror can be easily carried in your clutches/pocket/hand bags while hanging out. 3. The non-slip grip on the tweezers allows for comfortable use. The sharp tip allows you to precisely shape your brows and remove hair from the root.

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How To Use


1. Use the magnifying mirror on the other side, for a detailed close-up.
2. Apply warm cloth on the desired area to open your pores before plucking at any hair.
3. Tweeze one strand of hair at a time.
4. Continue until all unwanted hair is removed."



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