Grooming Special

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  • High-quality steel grooming scissor with round handles
  • Copper Tongue Cleaner remove bad bacteria from your tongue for clean, healthy breath
  • Blackhead remover for extracting whiteheads, blackheads and pimples
  • A paddle brush for sleek, polished hair with ball-tipped bristles


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We bring to you GUBB Grooming Special which includes paddle brush Scottish, grooming scissor, copper tongue cleaner and pimple & blackhead remover. Grooming Scissors are ergonomically designed for safe, yet precise application, these scissors are perfect for hard-to-reach spots. This cleaner helps remove bacteria from your tongue, and its ergonomic design allows you to reach the very back of your tongue. Pimple and blackhead remover is made from hygienic, medical-grade stainless steel for extracting those pesky pores. Designed for our exclusive Scottish pattern range, this paddle brush helps smoothen and polish tresses of all lengths with ease & comfort.


The edges of the grooming scissors have been rounded to provide you with a safe yet precise cut, ideal for removing moustache, brow hair nasal or ear hair.

The tongue cleaner is ideal for daily use, and helps promote oral hygiene by removing bacteria and plaque.

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How To Use


1. Using the scissors, carefully trim your hair in the desired areas.
2. Copper Tongue Cleaner to clean your tongue
3. Blackhead remover's angled wire end glides over whiteheads to release sebum build-up from the pores.The opposite side’s long flat loop is designed to gently press out blackheads.
4. Gently lift your hair at the roots and sweep down the hair shaft. This brush works on dry hair.



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