Hair Spray Bottle Pack of 2

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  • This Hair Spray Bottle is specially crafted for professional hairstylists for their everyday use at the salon!
  • One can use this spray bottle to rehydrate dry hair between washes, moisturise & style them.
  • This multipurpose spray bottle can be used not just at the salon, but also at home while ironing clothes, gardening, cleaning, etc.
  • It is made with high-quality durable plastic that makes it strong and durable in the long run. The tight nozzle prohibits the liquid from leakage.
  • Distributes water evenly and helps to cover large areas quickly. This cute bottle doesn’t take much space and can be operated easily.
  • Get this to meet your everyday needs!


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The GUBB hair spray bottle is crafted for professional hair styling and everyday need alike! Use this spray bottle to rehydrate dry hair between washes and styling, and also for household chores! The tight nozzle distributes water evenly, and covers large areas in one go. Perfectly sized, this cute bottle doesn't take too much space, and is great to travel with.


This multipurpose spray bottle is perfect for professional salon use for styling, rehydrating and moisturising hair.

The bottle is also designed for household chores like ironing clothes, gardening, cleaning, etc.

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