The word Gubb, derived from the term for a young seagull in Gaelic, represents the spirit of the open sea.

To us, Gubb represents a vision of independence.

We instill this sense of freedom in everything we do, and allow this idea to act as a catalyst for our customers to create their own version of personal care. We let them take control of their experience and gently guide them along the way as needed.


Brand Promise:

Our consumers know what they want. We offer a simplified personal care experience, with curated options which cater to their individual needs, allowing them to express who they are.

Brand Mission:

As a company, we let our customers take the lead when it comes to personal care. Combining functional quality with a straightforrward approach, we serve as a catalyst for them to create their own version of personal care.


  • We don't beat around the bush.
    We keep it 100% real and make sure our customers get what they need, in a way that is useful to them.
  • We keep consumers at our core.
    Our consumers are at the core of the brand. Which is why, we constantly monitor changing market needs and incorporate consumer feedback, to keep up with their dynamic needs.
  • We believe in diversity.
    We don't offer uniform views on beauty or grooming, instead enabling each customer to present themselves in a way that best represents their personal values.
  • We value quality.
    We constantly adapt to the changes in the industry, while maintaining strict standards of quality.


When it comes to making lifestlyle choices, we believe every person has a unique outlook.

Here at Gubb, we let our customers take the reins when it comes to their personal care. From the essentials to the extras, we curate a tidy mix of products that lets them define their own version of looking and feeling good.

By keeping up with industry research and innovation with a core focus on customers, we make sure we offer quality tools for every lifestyle. We're always developing, and fine-tuning our product mix to make sure we provide straightforward solutions that keep up with their needs everyday.

At Gubb, we keep it simple by following your lead.

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