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How to clean hair brushes? Step-by-step Guide

When she flips her brushed hair, the world sees her. Have you ever wondered why elders always tell you to brush your hair regularly? Neat, clean, brushed hair is desirable to everyone. And, a well-designed hair brush helps you achieve that. A hairbrush smoothens your hair strands and detangles them by giving a smooth, clean […]

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What is foot care? How to keep your feet clean, soft and moisturized?

No wonder, the feet are the most neglected part of our body. Cracked heels are the result of this negligence. And, they look embarrassing! There is a reason why ancient people stress to take care of feet like your face. It’s said that feet define your personality, nature and health. Even there is some religion […]

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Is Derma Roller Really Effective? Does It Help Your Skin?

  Nowadays, skincare routine is not limited to old ways. For instance, a few years ago, skin care treatments were restricted to performing under the supervision of dermatologists only. However, thanks to our beauty industry and social media influencers, many new skincare tools have been rolled out. And, Derma Rollers are one of them! For […]

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5 Best Skincare Tools for a Glowing Face

  Healthy skin is the reflection of your overall wellness. No matter the skin type you have, a regular skincare routine must be part of your daily to-do list. And, there are several skincare products available in the market that helps in taking care of your skin. However, if you are serious about providing an […]

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5 Essential Grooming Products for Men and Women

  Great things happen to those who groom. Appearance is the key to getting attention. The first impression you create all comes from how you look. Hence, grooming is important for both men and women. It not only makes you look good, but it enhances you and your personality. For instance, when you go for […]

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What Happens When You Use Rose Quartz Face Roller?

Rose Quartz! These two words have created a revolution in the face care or skin care industry. Everyone is looking or searching about rose quartz, its various products, benefits and so on. And, if you are reading this post, then consider yourself as one of them.  Beauty trends come and go, but the rose quartz […]

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Beauty Facial Guide: What Tools Are Used During A Facial?

Doing skincare is not merely limited to cleaning your face with a mild cleanser or applying serum, masks, toners and moisturizers. It has gone beyond these simple skincare steps. There is one more important skincare treatment that must include in your skincare i.e. facials. Facials are like must-have workouts for your skin. They are part […]

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Do brushes make a difference in makeup? Yes or No?

  Makeup may come and go. But, makeup brushes are forever! It’s the eternal question asked by many makeup enthusiasts stating why makeup experts stress using a well-crafted set of makeup brushes. Makeup lovers are ready to invest in makeup products but are not interested in buying makeup brushes. They find it hard to accept […]

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How to use a hair straightener? Step-by-step Guide

We, women, love our hair when it’s perfectly straight. Isn’t it? Who doesn’t love the sleek hairdo look? Well, for having perfect hair, only washing your hair with mild shampoo and blow drying won’t be enough. Yes, to have shiny straight hair, you need a Hair Straightener.  Hair straightening is a hair styling technique that […]

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Hair Styling Tips: How to Use a Brush for a Perfect Hairstyle?

Great hair doesn’t happen by chance. You have to style them so that they can look great. Achieving a perfect hairstyle is not a myth but can seem daunting. However, with the right hair styling tips or techniques, you can learn hair styling at home without any hassle. In short, with the right hair styling […]

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