Eye Makeup Mini Beauty Blender
Eye Makeup Mini Beauty Blender
Eye Makeup Mini Beauty Blender
Eye Makeup Mini Beauty Blender
Eye Makeup Mini Beauty Blender
Eye Makeup Mini Beauty Blender
Eye Makeup Mini Beauty Blender

Eye Makeup Mini Beauty Blender

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  • Compact & portable eye makeup mini beauty blender that blends makeup effectively
  • Latex-free sponge which is non-allergenic and suits all skin types
  • Recyclable and reusable that is perfect for wet and dry usage
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Best Mini Beauty Blender for Your Flawless Makeup

GUBB Mini Beauty Blender is a soft, compact and portable makeup blender that has revolutionised the essence of makeup. Its egg-shell shape sponge helps in eliminating harsh lines effectively by covering blemishes and dark circles. Making your day as flawless as your makeup, this is the best makeup tool for blending and applying makeup products such as foundation, concealer and blushes. It’s a latex-free sponge, non-allergic and suitable for all skin types. With its recyclable and reusable properties, it’s an ideal match for both dry and wet makeup.

Blend in with Mini Makeup Sponge for a Better Look

The versatility of this mini makeup sponge has made it popular among makeup lovers. Along with liquid makeup products like foundation, concealer, etc., this makeup sponge is quite compatible with powder products as well like highlighter and blusher. For a concealed and flawless makeup look, the pointed end of the sponge can reach the delicate under-eye areas, cheekbones and other places of your face around the nose and mouth. If you’re the kind of person high on makeup and high on standards, then this mini makeup sponge is the perfect match for you.

Make a Style Statement Using Mini Beauty Blender for Eye

One great way to have a perfect look is using a mini beauty blender for eye makeup. It’s always advised to do the eye makeup first before going around all the face. GUBB Mini Blender Sponge can be the handiest beauty tool for your eye makeup to get gorgeous eyes at just even first try. Its edgeless high definition applicator creases your makeup evenly on your eyes.

Affordable Mini Beauty Blender Price

Today, beauty blenders have reached the position where they are the integral tool for makeup. Hence, we provide your favourite tool at an affordable mini beauty blender price. All we want is for you to experience the best makeup at desirable prices. Who said money can’t bring happiness? Try a mini beauty makeup sponge and shine in your happiness!

Buy small makeup blender online right away!

Blend all your makeup problems away as you can also buy small makeup blender online. Yes, you can get your favourite beauty blender delivered to your doorstep within 4-7 business days. So what are you waiting for? Order today and get ready to vibe in your flawless makeup.

Your Blending Makeup Tutorial

How to Use a GUBB Mini Beauty Blender?

1: Soak your beauty blender in cold water and moisten it until it’s ready to give you
a sheer look. Also, the moist blender will not eat up your product.
2: Squeeze out the excess water from your mini beauty blender. Squeeze it gently and avoid doing it with your nails.

3: It’s always advised to prime your skin before blending your foundation or any product.
4: Apply your product to your face. Then, start bouncing your beauty blender on the product or use a stippling motion of light patting to help blend the product on your skin. Do not drag or wipe your sponge, just do gentle patting.
5: For concealing, use the pointed edge of the beauty blender to mix your concealer with the foundation. You can add concealer using your fingertip or concealer brush.
6: Dab the rounded part of the beauty blender to set the powder and foundation by stippling. Must-know Tip

How to Take Care of Your Mini Beauty Blender?

It’s important to wash away all the products from the beauty blender after using it for the makeup. This step is essential for its long life and long-lasting usage. Clean your makeup sponge with water, work into a lather and try to repeat the process for a better result. Once done, squeeze away the excess water with a clean towel or paper napkin and make sure to dry it out completely for its re-use. This
process is necessary to avoid the unwanted breakouts of the blender. If you are a regular makeup doer and you can’t wash your beauty blender daily, you can schedule to clear it weekly or twice a week. Once you start doing it, it will turn into a sweet habit. Trust us!

Benefits of Using a Beauty Blender (Sponge)

● It has versatile usage. You can use a beauty blender for both wet and dry makeup. Whether you want to blend a liquid foundation, concealer or dab dry highlighter, blusher; serves all purposes.
● It is easy to use. Using a makeup sponge is user-friendly. Whether you are trying it for the first time or you are a professional, using a beauty blender is super easy, and totally foolproof. In short, you don’t require blending skills
for flawless makeup.
● It’s a saviour for all kinds of skin. Yes, you read it right. While buying a blender sponge, you don’t need to worry about your skin type. A beauty blender is great for all skin types.
● It also boosts skincare. It helps to even blend your serum, moisturisers or cream-based products.
● It can be used to remove makeup. Heard it for the first time? It’s right! You can remove your makeup using a sponge with swiping motion. Don’t believe us, you can try.
● The most important usage of using a beauty blender is that it gives you a flawless and natural look.

What else do you need to know?

● A mini beauty blender, also known as a makeup sponge, is an edgeless, non- disposable blender with a high-definition cosmetic applicator.
● It’s a soft, compact and portable mini beauty blender.
● It’s a scent and latex-free sponge, super-friendly to your skin.
● Also, it offers complete protection against harmful germs for almost 99.7%.

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Mini Beauty Blenders Price-list in India Online – GUBB

Products Prices Buy Option
Beauty Blender – Peach 174 Buy Now
Beauty Blending Sponge – Pink 249 Buy Now
Beauty Blender – Purple 174 Buy Now
Beauty Blender – Light pink 174 Buy Now
Eye Makeup Mini Beauty Blender (Pack of 2) 324 Buy Now

FAQs for Small Beauty Blenders

Is GUBB mini beauty blender budget-friendly?

Absolutely YES! You can purchase our beauty blender at affordable prices.

Can we use this mini beauty blender for dry makeup?

Yes, you can use the beauty blender for both dry and wet makeup. Also, you can use it for your day and night skincare routine. It’s super-friendly to use for all products.

Can this blender be used for oily skin?

GUBB beauty blender is friendly to all skin types. Make sure to clear the sponge before and after makeup if you have oily skin.

What is the ideal place to store my beauty blender sponge?

Once your sponge gets dry, you can store it in your makeup container which should be dry and tight. Avoid keeping it in a messy or damp environment.

Can a blender be used as a corrector?

Yes, you can use your dry sponge to remove excessive makeup. Also, it can also be used to remove the entire makeup.

How long can I use the same sponge?

Ideally, we recommend changing your sponge or blender every three months. However, after three months, you can use the same sponge for your nail art or remove stains from your clothes. It is just not only for makeup. It has multi-uses.

What are the shipping charges?

The shipping charge for an order value less than Rs 499 is Rs 50, for both Prepaid and COD orders. We provide free shipping on a purchase order of Rs 499 or above.

How many days does it take for online delivery?

All orders at GUBB are processed within 1-2 business days. You can expect your order to get delivered within 4-7 business days. For more details, please check out our shipping-return policies.

Can the product be returned after using it?

We only exchange damaged or broken products. The product needs to be unused if you want to return or exchange it. For more details, please check out our shipping- return policies.

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Country of Origin: China

Manufacturer's Address: Ruland Chemistry (Nanjing) Co. Ltd. RM - 1201, Heping Mansion, No. 22 East, Beijing Road, Nanjing China - 210008

Marketer's Address: GROOM TOWN PRIVATE LIMITED- PLOT NO AG 59, SANJAY GANDHI TRANSPORT NAGAR, New Delhi, North Delhi, Delhi, 110042

Brand Info: At GUBB, we believe everyone has their own unique outlook. From the essentials to the extras, we curated a tidy mix of products that lets you define your own version of looking and feeling good.

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