Satin Scrunchies Pack of 6
Satin Scrunchies Pack of 6
Satin Scrunchies Pack of 6
Satin Scrunchies Pack of 6
Satin Scrunchies Pack of 6
Satin Scrunchies Pack of 6
Satin Scrunchies Pack of 6
Satin Scrunchies Pack of 6
Satin Scrunchies Pack of 6

Satin Scrunchies Pack of 6

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5 | 4 Reviews
  • Pamper your hair with our silky soft scrunchies!
  • Promises minimal hair breakage
  • In a range of gorgeous, pastel shades for every mood and outfit
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Why GUBB Satin Scrunchies

Quality Design

Made of pure satin, a fabric that will improve the health and appearance of any hair type.

Hassle-Free Hair

Ensures zero stress on the hair and scalp keeping it crease-free, pain-free, and frizz-free all day.

No Damage

Its ultra-soft fabric glides through your hair smoothly, resulting in zero to minimal hair breakage and tugging.

Add Style to Your Hair with the Best Satin Scrunchies

Satin scrunchies make everything better. Whether you want to carry a ponytail, messy bun or chic braid, scrunchies can give luxurious appeal to your hairstyle.GUBB Satin Scrunchies is a pack of 6 pastel shades scrunchies crafted from high-quality satin to retain your hair’s natural moisture and keep your tresses healthy and frizz-free.

Style your hairdo with beautifully designed scrunchies and add a silky touch to your pretty tresses. The petal-soft fabric ensures zero stress on the hair and scalp making pain-free, frizz-free and crease-free. The bands of these scrunchies are extremely lightweight and made of interlocking loops on top giving them a vintage-chic look.

Buy Scrunchies for your Beautiful Tresses

There was a time when scrunchies were just headbands. But today, it has become one of the most recommended hair accessories. You can get a lot of style and colour options in scrunchies designed to match your moods. If you love exploring new hairstyles without keeping them open all day long, these pairs of scrunchies are definitely a must-have.

The scrunchies are made of elastic bands wrapped in satin fabric. The satin gives hair a soft feel and avoids friction while keeping hair tight and secure. Also, it helps to keep your hair in place without pulling away from hair roots. So, what’s stopping you? Buy scrunchies and add these beautiful pieces to your must-have list.

Embrace your hair with Silk Scrunchies

Do you know why dermatologists recommend buying scrunchies in silk? Silk acts as a barrier against dirt and moisture. That’s why they also suggest using silk pillows during the night as silk pillows don’t absorb your night skin routine. Similarly, silk scrunchies help to prevent your hair from dryness and hair damage resulting to stop split ends.

A silk scrunchie cuts down the friction and tension on your hair and helps them to grow smoother and shiner. Silk scrunchies are less likely to damage your hair and are recommended to use even while going out or sleeping at night. Buy these amazing scrunchies and protect your hair from any damage.

Pamper Your Hair with Love & Care

Our scrunchies are made of washable satin fabric to make sure you can re-use your favourite scrunchie anytime. It has a high-quality elastic band made with a fabric that helps to avoid friction while keeping your tresses tight and secure. Its soft property helps to tie hair loosely without pulling away from hair roots.

The satin scrunchies come in an array of beautiful pastel shades such as rose gold, blush, steel blue, champagne, white and charcoal. The bands are super lightweight and have cute interlocking loops on the top showcasing the glamorous chic style.

Never Underestimate the Power of a New Scrunchie

Here we present why you can’t say no to these beautifully crafted satin scrunchies:

No pain, lots of gains! You won’t find a girl who doesn’t love ponytails and messy buns. However, it creates a hell of frustration with the pain that comes along while making ponytails or buns with a regular tie. Satin scrunchies are too soft for your hair and keep them tied neatly without any pain.
Wearing a satin scrunchie helps in reducing hair breakage. It’s a nightmare for girls when hair starts falling especially because of rubber bands and other products. But with silk scrunchies, you can live in peace.
Silk or satin scrunchies help to lock hair moisture. During the dry season, scrunchies help to restore moisture keeping your hair safe and damage-free. The luxuriously soft satin avoids hair creases and breakage and is crafted to be gentle on your hair.
The best part is that you can tie your hair in a satin scrunchie as long as you want. As they are super soft and cause no friction, it won’t be painful carrying them for the whole day.

How to Wear a Satin Scrunchie?

There are several ways to wear cute satin scrunchies effortlessly.

An ideal match for your messy bun: Messy bun never goes out of fashion. Especially during summers, you can create a bun using a satin scrunchie, leaving some light bang pieces out of the bun and front side. It helps you to tie your hair effortlessly while keeping them light-weighted.

Go for the braided look: Why not? Once you make your braids, you need a band to tie them up. Instead of a usual rubber band, try any colourful scrunchie. It will give a chic look to your braids and help you get noticed as well.

Evergreen Ponytail: Ponytails never go out of style. Hence, you will get several chances where you should replace your rubber band with a soft satin scrunchie. Also, it will keep your hair light and pain-free.

There are many other ways you can try to keep it stylish with colourful scrunchies. All you need to open your mind and try your style unapologetically.

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Satin Silk Scrunchies Price-list in India Online – GUBB

Products Prices Buy Option
Satin Scrunchies Pack of 6 – Pattern 2 750 Buy Now
Satin Scrunchies Rose Pink Pack of 2 210 Buy Now
Satin Scrunchie Black & White Combo 210 Buy Now
Satin Scrunchie Grey Pack of 3 315 Buy Now
Satin Scrunchies Rose Pink Pack of 3 322 Buy Now

FAQs for Satin Silk Scrunchies

Are scrunchies still in fashion?
2021 was the year of Jumbo Scrunchies as the most liked hair-accessory trend. And, the trend is still going on. Today, we see more oversized accessories with extra-large scrunchies in lush and unconditional fabrics. First, scrunchies blasted the fashion in the 90s where each designer made sure to add scrunchies to their wardrobe. Today, you will find so many colours and styles in scrunchies. Most importantly, its beneficial properties make it the best accessory for every decade.

Are satin scrunchies good for my hair type (dry)?

Satin is an anti-absorbent fabric and acts as a barrier to moisture. This is the reason why dermatologists recommend using satin pillows instead of cotton to keep the moisture intact without any worry. Satin scrunchies help to prevent split ends or breakage. And, they are ideal for all hair types.

How many colours in scrunchies will I get in this order?

We don’t want to limit your options only to basic colours. Hence, we have created a special pack of 6 scrunchies with pastel colours like Rose Gold, Champagne, steel blue, blush, white and charcoal.

Can scrunchies be used for sweaty scalp?

Sweat is a major concern, especially during summers. If you get a lot of sweat and itching on the scalp, then you need to give it a try using a satin scrunchie. Its soft texture will refrain your hair from getting uneasy.

What is the other name of scrunchies?

Since scrunchies are back in fashion, they have got a new name. Scrunchies are now called hair clouds. The name came into existence when it got the attention as the most WTF moment of 2018. Having a comeback, again and again, it’s sure scrunchies trend will never going to die.

Are scrunchies better than hair ties?

Most of the time, hair ties dent your hair and increase the breakage. Whereas scrunchies are quite soft in use and made of fabric that prevents hair breakage and is less damaging to your tresses.

Who started the scrunchies trend?

Singer Rommy Revson bought the scrunchies back in 1986 when she was looking for an alternative to plastic or metal hair ties to tie her hair. Such ties used to cause severe damage.

How often do I need to wash my scrunchies?

You should wash your daily used scrunchies at least once a week to refresh them. Ideally, we recommend washing your scrunchies after about every seven to ten wears.

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Country of Origin: China

Manufacturer's Address: Ruland Chemistry (Nanjing) Co. Ltd. RM - 1201, Heping Mansion, No. 22 East, Beijing Road, Nanjing China - 210008

Marketer's Address: GROOM TOWN PRIVATE LIMITED- PLOT NO AG 59, SANJAY GANDHI TRANSPORT NAGAR, New Delhi, North Delhi, Delhi, 110042

Brand Info: At GUBB, we believe everyone has their own unique outlook. From the essentials to the extras, we curated a tidy mix of products that lets you define your own version of looking and feeling good.

4 reviews for Satin Scrunchies Pack of 6

  1. Gaurav

    In love with the colour of these scrunchies!

  2. Himani

    These scrunchies instantly caught my eye. Good quality scrunchies!

  3. saumya

    Quality is amazing, the stitchinglooks premium. Quite decent elasticity too.

  4. Laharika

    Loveeee it

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Satin Scrunchies Pack of 6
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