Eyelash Curler, Black
Eyelash Curler, Black
Eyelash Curler, Black
Eyelash Curler, Black
Eyelash Curler, Black
Eyelash Curler, Black
Eyelash Curler, Black

Eyelash Curler, Black

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5 | 3 Reviews
  • A beauty essential for those diva lashes!
  • For the prettiest, softest eyelash swoops
  • No uncomfortable yanking or tugging at your lashes
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No uncomfortable yanking or tugging at your lashes.

Ergonomical Design

Ergonomically designed for a better hold over the curler without discomfort in your fingers or wrist.

Sleek Look

Elegant Rose-Gold color for premium look & feel.

How To Use

Step 1

Start by holding the lash curler up to your eye. While your eye is open, open the curler.

Step 2

Place your lashes between the clamps, getting as close to the base of your lashes as you can without pinching your eyelids.

Step 3

Close the clamp on your eyelashes, and hold it for a few seconds.

Pro Tip

Warm up the eyelash curler clamps with a blow dryer before curling to a tolerable level.

Slay your Lashes using the Best Eyelash Curler

Eye makeup is incomplete without the perfect eyelashes. There is no doubt that men are blessed with good natural eyelashes but we women need to give extra effort to create long lashes. We need to go through the journey between straight, limp lashes to voluminous, lifted lashes. And, that can only be achieved using the best Eyelash Curler.

A good eyelash curler can create all the difference in your makeup by lengthening mascara or giving volume to your lashes instead of regular straight bent lashes. While doing eye makeup, many don’t feel important to use a curler to add volume to mascara-used lashes. But trust us, using an eyelash curler is the best way to get desired length and volume of your lashes without messing around with your eyelash extensions or false lashes. Try it, eyelash curlers make everything better!

Like we said, keep your lashes long and eye makeup standards high!

Everyone wonders – What’s the Eyelash Curler Price?

We say you can buy this iconic tool at affordable prices. Yes, adding oomph to your eyes is so affordable. You don’t need to wonder what the eyelash curler price is or if it is worth the money. This eyelash curler adds glamour to your natural, fluttery eyelashes and gives them the softest, prettiest curls that you even can’t imagine.

The GUBB Eyelash Curler hugs your lashes without any uncomfortable tugging or pulling. It’s crafted for all eye shapes and sizes and is extremely designed with high-quality stainless steel and silicone pads for your delicate eyelashes.

Don’t hold yourself! Buy this innovative tool at the best available eyelash curler price in India and give a flawless look to your lashes every time you step out.

Why is it a must-have tool in your makeup kit?

Longer Lashes

It’s the foremost reason to try this amazing eyelash curler. When you use it, it will high your lashes in a way that your lashes will appear longer, thick and dense in a more defined look. It adds effects to your mascara making it lustrous and voluminous.

Bigger Eyes

It’s all technical! When you draw any object with a thicker and bolder outline/border, the object appears bigger naturally. Similarly, when you use an eyelash curler to position the lashes upward, it makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. To boost the effect, you can use white eyeliner as well.

Beautify your eyes

Your eyes play a big role in your makeup. With using the eyelash curler and the right amount of mascara, your eyes look beautiful which intensifies the overall face makeup. With beautiful eyes, the rest of the features look beautiful. Ultimately one simple step will result in a vibrant appearance.

Beautiful lashes even without any makeup

There are many days when you don’t feel like doing any makeup but still want to look fabulous. Those days, the eyelash curler can come to your rescue. For no makeup look, you can skip using mascara and instead, shape your lashes using an eyelash curler. It will give a natural look to your lashes and ready to go out too.

Perfect lash shape, the way you want

When you know how to use an eyelash curler, you don’t need to worry about how to shape your lashes. With defined techniques, you can add some weight and sculpt the shape of your beautiful lashes, the way you want.

Know Your Eyelash Curler

1. This eyelash curler comes with super soft pads for gentle, but amazingly effective curling to open up your eyes in seconds. Includes 1 spare gripper.

2. Crafted to fit all eye shapes at a comfortable angle, without tugging or yanking at your eyelashes.

3. The curler comes in a stainless steel body and a highly durable silicon pad that offers perfect cushioning for your delicate eyelashes.

4. The handle is ergonomically designed for a better hold over the curler without discomfort in your fingers or wrist.

How to curl your eyelashes using the best Eyelash Curler?

1 – First, clean your eyelash curler and make sure it’s free of residue. You can use cotton soaked in water. It will help to remove any dried mascara leftover from your previous use.

2- Pointing downward, hold your eyelash curler to your eye. By using the thumb and index finger in each loop, gently open the tool until it’s fully extended.

3- Position your lashes between the two clamps and get close to the follicle base as you can carefully, without pinching your eyelid.

4- Gently close the clamp and wait till the time you feel a little pressure on the rubber guard.

5 – During the process, make sure not to wiggle or tug the eyelash curler. Do it gently and hold it there for 5 seconds at least. Then, carefully release it.

6- Once done, add an application of mascara. Give your lashes a dramatized boldness you always crave.

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Products Prices
Eyelash Curler, Rose Gold Rs. 139
Eyelash Curler for Women Gold, Pack of 2 Rs. 145
Eyelash Curler for Women Rose Gold, Pack of 2 Rs. 181
Beauty Kit, 4 makeup Brushes, Eyelash Curler & Beauty Blender Rs. 750


FAQs for Eyelash Curler

What is an eyelash curler?

Eyelash curler is one of the beauty products used to beautify your eyelashes. This tool helps you to curl eyelashes to create lift and make them look longer. Mostly used for upper eyelashes, this tool is made of steel and rubber pads to support the direct contact of eye hairs and the curling tool.

Do eye curlers damage your lashes?

No! A slight tug feeling while using the eyelash curler is normal. It doesn’t damage your eyelashes. If you are a newbie, learn from tutorials how to use it and try the tool gently. Also, make sure not to pull your lashes while using the curler.

What to use first: Mascara or Eyelash Curler?

It’s always advised to use an eyelash curler before mascara. Never starts with mascara. Using mascara before curlers can create a chance to break or pull out your lashes.

Are eyelash curlers good for your eyes?

Top renowned makeup artists always recommend using an eyelash curler while doing eye makeup. It’s an amazing tool for opening up the eyes, enhancing the effects of mascara, and adding an oomph effect to your eyes.

Is it worth buying an eyelash curler?

There are lots of reasons to say yes to buying an eyelash curler. The curler can create a huge difference in your eye makeup and draw out your lashes naturally longer adding volume to it. It’s worth buying beauty products.

Is it ok to use eyelash curlers daily with or without mascara?

As long as you are using a clean eyelash curler, it’s safe to use an eyelash curler on a daily basis. Whether you put mascara or not, it adds curl to your lashes giving you a naturally lifted look.

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Country of Origin: China

Manufacturer's Address: Ruland Chemistry (Nanjing) Co. Ltd. RM - 1201, Heping Mansion, No. 22 East, Beijing Road, Nanjing China - 210008

Marketer's Address: Dr. Morepen Limited, Antriksh Bhawan, 22 K.G. Marg, New Delhi - 110001

Brand Info: At GUBB, we believe everyone has their own unique outlook. From the essentials to the extras, we curated a tidy mix of products that lets you define your own version of looking and feeling good.

3 reviews for Eyelash Curler, Black

  1. Jaya

    Makes natural lashes look so fluttery that you don’t need to add fake lashes.

  2. Seema

    It instantly lifts up my lashes.

  3. Lata

    Highly recommend it. For a heavy lash-lift look, apply mascra after using this eyelash curler.

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Eyelash Curler, Black
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