Styling Hair Brush With Pin ,Elite Range

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  • Groom and style your hair everyday with the styling brush
  • A rectangular brush with soft, flexible ball-tipped bristles
  • Ideal for gentle detangling and daily updos


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GUBB USA brings to you Styling Hairbrush to style your hair in a variety of stunning ways like a pro. Features a retractable pin at the end for ease of hair sectioning while styling and cleaning stuck hair strands from the brush. Ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip and smooth detangling action. A sleek and lightweight body with super flexible bristles helps in a pain-free detangle. Ball Tipped bristles are gentle on the scalp & massages it for improved blood circulation and so your hair health. Can be an everyday grooming partner for all hair types. Gives a smart finish and volumized look in a single stroke. Ideal for all sorts of professional hair styling, up-dos, ponytails, stylish buns, and back brushing. Suitable for all hair lengths.


The flexible bristles are made with nylon ball-tipped bristles, making the brush super gentle on sensitive scalp.

Pair the brush with your blowdryer for styling your hair.

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How To Use


1. The brush is great for detangling and brushing through dry hair. Brush the lower six inches of your hair and then proceed upwards for easy, gentle detangling.
2. For blowouts, place the brush under a section of hair and direct the airflow of the dryer at the shaft of the hair. Pull down from roots to end."



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