Must have make-up brushes for make-up lovers

Date: October 19th, 2021 | Gubbecom

In the beauty universe, nothing is wrong or right as long as you love it. If you enjoy using your lipstick as an extended blush, do it! If you think applying your eye-shadow with fingers is less intimidating, go ahead. However, such easy hacks are only fun as long as they last. Good make-up brushes are essential in every make-up kit as they not only elevate your final look but also make the transformation process much more convenient for you. Let’s take a look at some that are absolute must-haves for all the make-up lovers:

  1. Foundation Brush: 

We are always chasing the air-brushed finish that is well-blended and doesn’t look patchy on our skin. Thus, investing in a good quality foundation brush that evens out the spread and stipples your makeup is necessary. Gubb’s Buffer Makeup Brush and foundation brushes which are 100% cruelty-free seamlessly gives you buildable coverage. The synthetic bristles which are ultra-durable do not shed while applying make-up and are best suited for a liquid, gel or cream foundation.

2. Powder Brush:

Having that loose powder on display or those under-eye creases visible is always embarrassing. This is where a powder brush rushes to your rescue. Gubb’s Powder Makeup Brush, with its feather-light bristles absorbs the translucent and compact powder quickly, helping you blend out those loose powders without any hassle. Our brush works with all complexion powder products.

Powder Brush

3. Eye-shadow Brush:

When it comes to the eyes, there’s a lot to cover. A good eye-shadow brush can level up your makeup look and promote you from a beginner to a professional. Gubb’s Multipurpose Brush which can be used for both your eyes and eyebrows is a perfect way to kickstart this evolution. The densely packed bristles do not break while applying make-up and feel gentle on your eyes. 

The slant shape of the brush gives you better control to fill your eyebrows or experiment with those gorgeous layers of poppy colours.         


 The eyeshadow brush on the other hand helps deposit product on the lid and blend it evenly for a proper eye makeup.

4. Blush Brush:

The biggest challenge with blush is to get that natural flush without making it seem like a lot. This is where a blush brush will make or break your look. A bad blush brush can result in a very patchy tint, doing more harm than good. However with a good quality blush brush like Gubb’s you don’t have to stress about anything. With its fluffy bristles, Gubb’s Blush Makeup Brush gives you a natural wash of colour and feels gentle on your skin. Along with a slip-free wooden handle, the densely crafted bristles are cruelty free and made from synthetic filaments.

Pro Glam Makeup brush kit


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