Step-by-step Guide: How to clean makeup brushes at home in minutes?

Date: August 3rd, 2022 | Gubbecom


Flawless makeup is every woman’s desire. And, the makeup brushes make that desire come true. But how many of you clean your makeup brushes before using them? We bet, only a few. Most of us even have no idea that it’s advised to clean your makeup brushes before every use. Also, they have no idea how to clean makeup brushes!

Cleaning makeup brushes? Really? Why?

After every use, powder and cream formula build up on the bristles for weeks in contact with air making a thick layer full of bacteria and infections. This combination can be highly infectious to your soft facial skin and lead to many skin problems. Gross, right?

Also, using the same brush again and again without cleaning creates several layers of colouring which in turn doesn’t give the desired makeup results. Hence, top renowned makeup artists always advise you to spend at least a few minutes each week getting the muck out of your makeup brushes to prevent bacteria and multiple colouring.

Doctor and skincare expert Dr Deborah Lee has revealed that continuous use of makeup brushes without cleaning them can result in acne and other skin problems. In Aug 2021, Dr Deborah Lee quoted in the MIRROR – “Makeup brushes are cited as a possible reservoir of infection for the dangerous, contagious, superbug – methicillin-resistant staphylococcus (MRSA). This bacterium is a cause of a wide range of skin conditions, as well as systemic illnesses. It can result in erysipelas, cellulitis, impetigo, folliculitis, and skin carbuncles. If you don’t wash your makeup brushes, they gradually get clogged up with dead skin cells, dried clumps of makeup, dirt, and grime. This makes applying foundation smoothly impossible. You end up trying to plaster it on more thickly, which is expensive and nonsensical.

There are several makeup artists, celebrities, and influencers who suggest cleaning your makeup brushes before every use. Hence, we present you with a step-by-step guide where you will learn how to clean makeup brushes at home in minutes. But first:


How often should you clean your makeup brushes?

Ideally, it’s advised to clean makeup brushes every time before you plan to use them. But we understand, in such a busy schedule, it gets tough to carry this as a routine. Hence, we have recommended how often you should at least clean your makeup brushes as per their types:

Powder Brush: You can clean your powder brushes such as blush brush or bronze brush once or twice a week.

Foundation Brush: Whether you use a liquid or cream foundation, it’s advised to wash your foundation brush daily, every time you plan to use it. They should be cleaned daily as these brushes are prone to attract bacteria that can increase the chances of getting an infection.

Eyeshadow Brush: Similarly, with the eyeshadow brushes. These brushes are prone to attracting bacterial infection. Hence, it’s advised to clean your eyeshadow brushes daily.

Sponges: Sponges can harbour bacteria two times faster than makeup brushes. Why? As sponges are used wet and these tiny tools stay wet for a longer period whether you are using them or not. And, wet materials attract bacteria faster than dry objects. It’s all science! In short, clean your tiny sponges daily.


What type of products can you use while cleaning makeup brushes?

Mostly, we advise using household items to clean makeup brushes at home. Items such as olive oil and vinegar help in the process. Apart from them, we still have result-oriented recommendations or types of products that you can explore to clean makeup brushes in minutes. Here’s the list:

Ivory Soaps – These soaps are best suitable for sensitive skin as it contains sodium lauroyl isethionate. It’s the primary cleansing detergent that helps sensitive skin to stay hydrated and cleaned without any irritation. Hence, for your soft bristles brushes, using Ivory soap can be the best way to clean your makeup brushes.

Baby Shampoos – These shampoos are widely used by makeup artists to clean brushes and they work well on brushes. Makeup brushes are made of soft bristles. Hence, they need a cleanser that can work for soft skin and baby shampoos are the best choice when it comes to clean natural fibre brushes.

Makeup Brush Cleansers – To make it easy for you, several brands have introduced makeup brush cleansers specifically made for cleaning makeup brushes. For instance, you can try Classic Cleanser by Mac, Cinema Secrets Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner, Sigma SigMagic Brush Shampoo, Makeup Brush Cleaner, and more.


Tips for Cleaning Makeup Brushes:

Now, you have understood the importance of cleaning makeup brushes and the ingredients you need to clean them. Here we share the step-by-step guide on how to clean your makeup brushes in minutes:

  1. Rinse the bristles of your brush with water. Make sure that the handle of the brush stays dry. If it gets wet, it may loosen the glue over time, and eventually, the soft bristles of your makeup brushes will start shedding. The brush will get ruined. Trust us, you don’t want to do it.
  2. For instance, you are using baby shampoo as the key ingredient to clean your makeup brushes. Put some baby shampoo on your hand and then swirl the bristles of the brush in gentle circular motions. You can also put shampoo on the cleaning mat and try the same process.
  3. Once you feel the brush is clean, rinse the shampoo and product out with water. Make sure all the shampoo gets rinsed and the brush is free from all used products. Repeat the process 2-3 times. Make sure the water doesn’t touch the brush handle.
  4. Gently press the bristles and release the excess water using your fingers. Make sure you don’t press them hard.
  5. Lay the brush on a clean towel and let it dry naturally overnight. For urgent use, you can use the dryer as well. But try not to use the dryer often.

Pro Tip: How long can you keep your precious makeup brushes?

Most beauty tools can last years! But when it comes to makeup or self-care products, they do have a lifespan. Also, there are certain ways to find out whether it’s time to say goodbye to your makeup brushes or not.

For instance, when the bristles of your makeup brushes start falling out. Then it’s time to replace them.

Also, while using them, if you feel that the bristles have started hurting your skin. Then, it’s alarming and time to grab a new one.

Talking about the timeframe, you can keep your precious and favourite makeup brushes set for 1-3 years. If you are a regular makeup user, we advise you to replace your favourite makeup brushes every year.

We understand saying bye to them is hard. But fellas, it’s better to take the hard road rather than the regretted one.


Keeping your makeup brushes and sponges clean is necessary if you want your skin to stay healthy and infection-free. If you have oily skin and you are more prone to acne, then we suggest you never ignore cleaning your makeup brushes. There are several ingredients to clean makeup brushes as we have stated earlier.

Choose your accessible one and make a routine to clean your makeup brushes by hook or crook. Also, whenever you ask makeup artists to do your makeup, make sure they use clean or fresh makeup brushes on your skin. It’s your skin. You can’t lay back to compromise it.


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FAQs for Cleaning Makeup Brushes

What are the best items to use to clean makeup brushes?

The one and best tool that can clean your makeup brushes is water. But for better results, you can use olive oil, baby shampoo, mild soaps, vinegar, or makeup brush cleansers.

What to do if I have never cleaned my brushes and they are too dirty?

For extremely dirty makeup brushes, take a bowl of warm water and add a small amount of baby shampoo. Place your brushes in the mixture but make sure only bristles get soaked in the mixture. If your brush handles get wet, there is a high probability that your brushes start losing bristles. Once soaked, keep them for 20 minutes. But make sure they are not soaked for more than 30 minutes. Then, clean them with water. Your brushes will be ready like new ones.

Should I wash my makeup brushes with cold or hot water?

Warm water! It’s advised to use warm water for cleaning your makeup brushes. Cold water won’t remove the dirt and hot water can damage the bristles. It’s better to be safe using warm water or simply running water.

What if I don’t ever want to clean my makeup brushes?

We can’t force you but we advise you to clean your makeup brushes at least twice a week. The reason is that if you don’t clean them, then you are inviting bacteria and infections to your skin. Also, existing makeup products on brushes will ruin your next makeup session. Whose fault it will be then?

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