Guide To Choosing The Best Hair Brush For Your Hair

Date: October 12th, 2021 | Nageshwar RAO

When it comes to hair care, you do everything possible to stay on top of your game. From effective shampoos to serums, nothing is missed out on. Yet, you find that your hair continues to look damaged and bad hair days remain constant ? What if we told you that the real culprit may not be those expensive hair products but actually your hair brush.

One of the most essential but overlooked items in a beauty kit, a good hair brush that suits your hair type can make all the difference. There is a wide range of hair brushes for different hair types. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  1. Paddle Hair Brush:

Paddle Brushes are typically square or rectangular in shape and are best suited for long, thick hair. They help in detangling, smoothening and polishing your hair, being ideal for everyday grooming. What makes them special are their flexible bristles which evenly distribute the natural hair oils and prevent breakage. Available in various handles and colours, Gubb has a variety of paddle hair brushes which are designed with rounded rubber handles to provide you with a comfortable grip. The ball tipped nylon bristles prevent unwanted static and treat your hair gently.

  1. Round Hair Brush:

If you love beautiful curls, consider round hair brushes as your new go-to. Best for blow-drying, round brushes keep your curls smooth and give them the natural bounce you desire. Round Brushes also tame frizzy hair and deliver the desired level of volume you need for your hair. Gubb offers a range of Round Hair Brushes that are best for enhancing curls and natural waves. The ball tipped bristles gently massage your scalp and allow you to style your hair without any hair damage.

  1. Handmade Comb:

Our Handmade Combs are best known for their close, rounded teeth, durability and quality. If you have straight hair, a fine-tooth comb is a good choice since it allows hair to set in place and prevent knots. If used on thicker hair, you may end up pulling out more hair than you thought you would. A fine-tooth comb is great for styling too since it works on the details of your hair effortlessly with its closed set of teeth. If you wish to pamper your hair with travel-friendly pocket combs, Gubb’s combs which are crafted with cellulose acetate for static free hair are your perfect match.

Remember, the texture of your hair keeps changing with time. What works now may not work six months down the line, depending on the hair treatments or styles your hair goes through. Thus, just like other beauty products, your hair brushes need to upgrade every once in a while. With Gubb, explore a wide range of quality hair brushes that best suit your hair type and pamper your hair!

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