Do brushes make a difference in makeup? Yes or No?

Date: October 14th, 2022 | Nageshwar RAO


Makeup may come and go. But, makeup brushes are forever! It’s the eternal question asked by many makeup enthusiasts stating why makeup experts stress using a well-crafted set of makeup brushes. Makeup lovers are ready to invest in makeup products but are not interested in buying makeup brushes. They find it hard to accept that makeup brushes can make a difference in your makeup.

While doing makeup, we expect our makeup to look flawless and even ready to try various brands offering products such as primers, foundations, blushes, powders, concealers, sponges, finishing sprays and so on. However, we are not ready to spend a penny on the magical makeup wands that would help you to have flawless makeup.


Do brushes make a difference in your makeup?

Makeup brushes are an essential part of your makeup regime. They are like your extended hands that will help you get perfect makeup. It’s one of the ways to achieve flawless, long-lasting makeup. And, there are tons of makeup brushes available in various sizes.

Though for many of you, several brushes might look similar, and you won’t be able to understand which brush serves what purpose. For that, you need to understand the concept of makeup brushes, their function, and followed by how to take care to use them forever.

Hence, in this post, we will be discussing:

  • What are makeup brushes?
  • What are makeup brushes made of? Also, types of makeup brushes.
  • Why should you use or buy makeup brushes?
  • How to keep your makeup brushes long-lasting?
  • How to wash your set of makeup brushes?
  • While reading this post till the end, you will get an idea of why using makeup brushes necessary for flawless makeup.


What are makeup brushes?

A makeup brush is a tool with soft bristles used for applying makeup to your face. They come in a set of brushes that can be used for applying, foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, powder, highlights, eyeshadows and more. These sets are suitable for applying liquid, cream and powder makeup products.


What are makeup brushes made of?

Quality Makeup Brushes are made of soft synthetic bristles. It’s a common material used to create makeup brushes. Mostly, the bristles are made of nylon and other synthetic fibres and can be widely found in various retail shops like makeup-specific stores.

The purpose of using synthetic fibres is that they are good for playing with cream and liquid substances and are easy to clean. These synthetic fibres help to achieve a seamless finish.

Nylon is another common material used by brands to create makeup brushes. Also, this material is quite affordable, helping to get makeup brushes at low prices.

Brushes made of nylon are super soft, slender and resilient, making the application of makeup products, and colour super easy and blending. Also, these are synthetically produced, hence they are considered vegan.


Types of makeup brushes:

You can use makeup brushes in several ways. Though all the makeup brushes are labelled and defined for what purpose they offer, still it’s no hard rule to experiment with your makeup brushes. However, we would like to help you by stating which brush offers what purpose.

Foundation Brush

A foundation brush tends to be flat on top and rounded in shape. It’s densely packed with bristles and blends the product into your skin smoothly and flawlessly.

Powder Brush

Powder brushes are big, round, soft, and fluffy brushes used to apply powder to set the face makeup. These brushes are not densely packed, but they don’t require excessive product to apply to the skin. A little touchup is enough.

Concealer Brush

These brushes are very much similar to foundation brushes but are in smaller sizes. The purpose of giving them a small look is to make sure the product blends into the hard-to-reach areas especially around the nose, under the eyes, and so on. The bristles come in flat as well as rounded shapes to blend.

Blush Brush

These brushes are small powder brushes that are usually round or slightly angled. The blush brushes are loosely packed and fluffy making sure that there won’t be any deposit of too much colour at once.

Contour Brush

Contouring brushes are the most used makeup brushes that come in various sizes and shapes. You will commonly find them in small oval or round shapes packed with dense bristles. The bristles are designed in such a way that the product is perfectly blended with precision.

Bronzor Brush

These brushes are usually fluffy, in round or oval shapes to cover a large surface area. Bronzer brushes are mostly in between blush brushes and powder brushes in terms of size and shape.

Highlighter Brush

Just like contouring brushes, these brushes come in various shapes and sizes. Highlighter brushes have thin bristles cone-shaped that help in applying powder lightly. These brushes are best for applying the highlighter to your cheekbones gently.

Eyeshadow Brush

Shadow brushes are small in size and firmer made of natural bristles. These brushes help to apply a base layer of eyeshadows in a neutral shade from the lid to the brow bone. All you need to do is press the eyeshadow brush to eyeshadow colours and create a smooth, even, and long-lasting base on your lid.

Eyebrow Brush

These brush help to define your brows by applying brow powder in short, even, long-lasting strokes to small eyebrow hair. Using an eyebrow brush makes the process of applying brow powder the best possible way.

Eyeliner Brush

It is the cutest brush in your makeup brush sets. These are made of soft bristles with flat tips that help to have a clean eye stroke. Instead of dragging the eyeliner, use a flat tip to press the shadow into the base of your eyelashes.

Pencil Brush

It’s a must-have brush if you love to have a smokey-eye look. The pencil brush is crucial for giving a smokey look to your eyeliner and shadow. The brush is small in size, shaped like a pencil tip, and has softer bristles like a flattering pencil look.

Lip Brush

It’s the best makeup brush if you love to carry bold lip colour throughout the day. Using a lip brush is a great way to give an extra appeal to your lip colours and it also works as a concealer brush for covering blemishes. Made of soft bristles, it is also shaped like a pencil tip.


Why should you use or buy makeup brushes?

Having flawless makeup is like a dream for many girls. Though, it can’t be achieved by just applying makeup to your face. It requires a step-by-step formation in your makeup routine making a huge difference in the outcome. Applying the makeup using the right kind of brush can transform the outlook of your makeup by giving it a smooth finish.

The use of quality makeup brushes makes the application and blending of makeup products easier and well-attractive. For instance, if you want to use a foundation, using it with your fingers won’t help to blend the product.

On the other, if you apply the foundation using a foundation brush, the product will blend into you smoothly giving you a flawless, refined look.

There is a reason why makeup artists won’t even touch your face without using their makeup brushes. These brushes act like magic wands and help you to get a flawless makeup look.

Hence, the answer to your question, do brushes make a difference in makeup?



How to keep your makeup brushes long-lasting?

Buying makeup brushes every day or then is not practically possible. Ideally, it’s advised to renew your set of makeup brushes by one to three years depending upon the usage.

But to make sure that your makeup brushes stay last for a longer period, just don’t keep them loosely in any box or makeup kit. Leaving them loosely will crush the top of your brushes and make them unsanitary to use as well.

Stay organized when it comes to your makeup brushes, don’t let the bristles of your makeup brushes touch each other and make sure to clean them after the application.


How often should you clean your makeup brushes?

Cleaning your makeup brushes on a regular basis is essential for hygiene reasons. It helps to remove the excess pigment and product from the bristles and gives a smooth, clean, flawless look at each application.

We have shared a complete guide stating how to clean your makeup brushes at home in minutes. In short, you need to follow these steps:

  • Rinse the bristles of your makeup brush with water.
  • Use a shampoo or brush roller to clean your makeup brushes.
  • Once clean, rinse the shampoo with water gently without hampering the bristles.
  • Gently press the bristles to release the excessive water.
  • Lay the brushes on your dry, soft towel and let them dry overnight.

Ideally, you should clean your makeup brushes before and after using the product. Cleaning them before helps to remove the dirt from the bristles. For immediate use, you can dry them by using a dryer.


Your makeup is incomplete if it’s not applied using quality makeup brushes. The bristles of the makeup brushes help to blend the product smoothly into your skin and give you the flawless makeup of your dreams.

Instead of buying all types of makeup brushes, for the beginning, you can buy a basic makeup brush set of 4 brushes (foundation brush, blush brush, eyeshadow brush and bronzer brush) and start practising the application of products.

While applying makeup using brushes, you will notice the difference and understand why makeup brushes are necessary to get a flawless makeup look. You have to get your magic wands ready if you want to win your makeup battles.


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Q. Are makeup brushes necessary?

Ans. Makeup brushes are one of the important tools that every makeup lover should keep with them. These brushes help to blend the products in an easy way giving you a clean, flawless look.

Q. Is it better to use your fingers while applying makeup?

Ans. The best way to apply makeup is only by using makeup brushes. Applying the product using your fingers won’t give a clean finish resulting in bad or patchy makeup. Plus, it’s not hygienic.

Q. Does cleaning makeup brushes important?

Ans. Clean brushes help to blend or apply makeup better. The residue or leftover product from your last makeup session can create patches in your makeup. Hence, clean bristles always give a smooth look and cause no irritation to your skin.

Q. Are buying cheap makeup brushes ok?

Ans. Before purchasing any makeup brush, first, always check its bristles. They should be soft to your skin and must not harm you in any way. There are several makeup brushes available on the market that are budget friendly and give a smoother makeup look.

Q. How can you tell that makeup brushes are of good quality?

Ans. Whenever you buy a makeup brush, make sure that the bristles of your makeup brushes are soft and the ends are not split or flagged. Also, the bristles should vary in length allowing the makeup brush to come to a point covering the skin for more detailed work.

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