Nail Care: Best Practices for Long, Strong and Beautiful Nails

Date: February 1st, 2022 | Gubbecom


We have listed some of the most popular and effective methods to have strong and beautiful nails.

Who doesn’t want strong, healthy, and good-looking nails?

Doing regular manicures is time taking and essential. Still, it is not a sure-shot solution to get your nails perfect. Is it?

A big no. So, if you want to have perfect nails, you have to adopt some nail care habits.

For starters, combining protein-rich food, a nail care routine, and good personal hygiene can give you beautiful and healthy nails.

There is a wide range of nail care kits available in the market for nail care routines. You should have one to fine-tune your nails. You can consult a dietician on maintaining a protein-rich diet or follow health experts.

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Sign of Healthy Nail

  • Nail plates look pinkish-white in colour.
  • Presence of cuticle.
  • Presence of lunula, a prominent half-moon-shaped white section at the nail base.

According to Dana Stern, M.D., a dermatologist and nail care specialist in New York.

If you are concerned about your nail health, consult a dermatologist. Since your nails are super visible, it is easier for you to tell if an issue arises. It means you can treat it early if you get help.

Sign of Unhealthy Nails

  • Peeling or splitting nails can cause by Vitamin deficiency.
  • Spoon-shaped nails, caused by iron deficiency.
  • Biting cuticle causes redness skin around the nail.


Nail Care: Best practices to have long, strong, healthy and beautiful nails

Now, let’s focus on the main objective of this blog post, best practices, or, you can say, nail care habits to follow for long, strong, and beautiful nails.

Stop Biting Your Nails

Nail-biting can be a sign of anxiety or stress. It is harmful to the nails, as many of us have a habit of biting nails when under pressure.

It can make your nails look weird and grow uneven. If you harm the skin around your nails, they may stop growing the way they should, causing untypical-looking nails.

According to a study, the contact of nails with your saliva makes them weak and brittle. The saliva also damages the cuticles.

There is a simple solution to stop your habit of nail-biting. Apply nail paint or nail enamel to prevent yourself from biting your nails.

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Don’t Remove Your Cuticle

The cuticle is a protective layer of the nails. Taking care of the cuticle plays a vital role in nail care practices as it helps keep your nails stronger.

The medical director of Dermatology Associates of New York, Debbie Palmer says; you can push back your cuticles once per week with a wooden stick if you want, after a shower.

It would be best to massage your cuticles and nails with a cuticle oil or treatment. Massage oil and strengthening serum absorb quickly and typically contain moisturizers to rehydrate dry and brittle nails.

Trim The Nails Regularly

We cut our hair to prevent split and breakage. As in the case of hair, outgrown nails are also prone to breakage and split. Cut your nails once a week, and then file the rough regions to get a smooth and natural arc. Even if you try to grow them long, it will not hurt to cut a slight bit off from the top.

Moisturize Your Nails

Healthy skin needs moisturizer. Similarly, our dry and brittle nail also needs to be moisturized. You should add moisturizer to your nail care routine. The moisturizer that contains urea, phospholipids, or lactic acid will help disallow cracking.

When applying body lotion, pay a little extra attention to your nails too. Or you can use specialized nail moisturizing products available at beauty stores or buy them online.

Wear Gloves for Protection

Doing your household chores yourself? This is for you. Most of the cleaning detergents and soaps contain chemicals, and they cause harm your nails when they come in contact with them.

Always wear gloves when you are doing your household chores. If you are cleaning with chemicals or gardening, you definitely need gloves.

Include Protein Rich Food in your Diet

Nails are made up of a protein called keratin, and it is recommended to have a diet rich in protein for healthy nails. You can start with taking protein-rich food like beans, fish, dairy products, eggs, meat, and nuts.

The one thing every expert agrees on: Once you hit on the combination that works for you, you’ll be rewarded with healthy and stronger nails.

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Take Biotin

Studies say deficiency of biotin can cause breakage of the nails. So, it is good to take supplements with extra essential vitamin B.

Biotin helps strengthen and grow your nails.

Maintain Your Hygiene

Hygiene is essential to make sure your nails and skin around them are thoroughly dirt-free and healthy.

Here is a quick tip for maintaining nail hygiene. Use an acetone-free nail polish remover to remove nail paint. Gently scrub your nails with a toothbrush. This will help to remove dirt and exfoliate any dead skin.

Get Your Manicure at Home

There is no need to go to the salon. You can do your manicure at home with ease. All you need is a nail care kit with you. Here are some simple steps to follow for a manicure at home.

  • Clean your nails with nail polish remover
  • Wet your nails for a few minutes and file them into your desired shape
  • Gently push back your cuticle
  • Scrub your hand, forearms, and wrists to remove the dead skin
  • Moisturize your hand and cuticle with oil or moisturizer
  • Apply a base coat
  • Paint your nails


A balanced diet, hygiene, and good nail care habits can help you have beautiful and healthy nails. And never use cheap nail products to maintain them.

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