What is foot care? How to keep your feet clean, soft and moisturized?

Date: December 20th, 2022 | Nageshwar RAO

No wonder, the feet are the most neglected part of our body. Cracked heels are the result of this negligence. And, they look embarrassing! There is a reason why ancient people stress to take care of feet like your face. It’s said that feet define your personality, nature and health. Even there is some religion that determines the beauty of a woman based on their feet. It’s true! Our feet play a big role in keeping us functional. Also, it determines how grooming-conscious we are. Thus, foot care is essential!

If you are still on this page that clearly shows you are looking for the best ways to keep your feet clean and beautiful. There are many ways affecting your feet. And, we have discussed everything to make sure you understand the importance of foot care, the type of foot care products you can use and how to do it at home. In this post, we have shared:

  • What is foot care?
  • What are the causes that affect the beauty of your feet?
  • Pedicures – How doing pedicures at home can help you?
  • How to take care of your feet?
  • Foot Care Tools you must have

Let’s begin the journey to take care of your precious feet. Here we go!

What is foot care?

Scientifically, what is foot care called? Podiatry!

In simple terms, foot care is all about taking care of your feet or another person’s feet. It includes cleansing your feet, exfoliating, and moisturizing. Like your face, it’s important to prevent problems such as open pores, cracked heels, etc. that can ruin the quality of your feet. Also, lack of moisture causes the skin of your feet to harden and crack over time. Hence, instead of hiding them under socks and closed shoes, start following foot care at home and make them soft and super happy.


What are the causes that affect the beauty of your feet?

There are several reasons or causes that affect the beauty of your feet such as:

Dryness due to dead skin 

Generally, feet have their own ways of naturally exfoliating and shedding dead skin cells by forming on the feet. It builds up because of a lack of moisture and body hydration. For instance, if your feet are constantly in closed socks or shoes, or from the friction of running or walking, dead skill builds up. At the bottom of the feet, it appears as dry and cracked hills. It’s not painful unless it is another type of infection.

Athlete’s Foot

It is one of the most common issues caused due to excessive walking in damp areas or when you walk barefoot in public areas. An athlete’s foot is highly contagious, basically, a fungal infection of the skin is usually created between the toes. Mostly, a person is exposed to Athlete’s foot in a gym, shower, or pool where the person has walked barefoot. Wearing damp shoes can also cause the fungus to grow and spread between your toes. The fungus causes itching, blistering, cracking and peeling of the feet.


Bunions happen when your foot is particularly tight and narrowed by footwear. These are the abnormalities of the feet that develop a bump on the large toe joint. Sometimes, it also causes the big toe to turn slightly inward. Women are prone to bunions due to increased pressure from new or narrow footwear. If you are having a bunion, it will be a visible bump on the side of the foot, look like corn on the bone below the big toe, difficulty moving the big toe and cause pin in the big toe when walking. Bad fitting of shoes put extra pressure on the toes resulting in bunions. Also, non-trimmed toenails can cause the same.


Thick skin patches on the soles of feet or toes are termed corns. Though corns are normally painless to start with they are usually caused by bunions, ill-fitting shoes or hammer toe. Using a corn plaster can help them to heal faster.


These are common to occur and people mostly experience them at some point in time. If you are walking or running for a long time and have sweaty feet or wearing shoes that don’t fit correctly, causes blisters. They are like fluid-filled pockets of no major concern. Though it’s best not to burst blisters and let them heal on their own. If it does, then apply a bandage to provide relief.


What are pedicures? 

Pedicures are like a therapeutic treatment done to your feet to remove dead skin, soften hard skin and shape or treat your toenails. Having a pedicure feels like heaven depending on how you do it. It’s the best way to look after and take care of your feet.

Having a regular pedicure at home or salon can help you to avoid foot problems such as cracked soles, corns, calluses, etc. You feel confident with super-cleaned feet and you walk comfortably on cared-for feet. Pedicures help you to relax and soothe your senses to get rid of a hard day.

And, guess what, you can do this at home. Yes, you don’t need to go to a salon to pamper your feet.


How doing pedicures at home can help you?

Getting pedicures are the easiest ways to treat foot problems like ingrown toenails, dry skin and uncomfortable calluses. Not treating them can impact the way you walk or how your feet look, hence having a pedicure at home can solve all these problems.

Though people think pedicure is all about petty toes, it gives more than that. It helps to soften your foot’s skin and get rid of all kinds of dirt, dryness and infections. Treating foot infections like calluses and corns via pedicures can help you to wear your favourite shoes and feel more comfortable.

Pedicures also help to calm your senses. Just imagine the days when you feel super tired and your feet even start painting. That time, just soak your feet in fresh warm water with a pinch of salt in it. Following this one step just takes all your pain away and relaxes you.

Similarly, if you follow all the steps of a pedicure, it will relax your whole body and gives you the best relaxation. How so? Because it’s proven that all our nerves are connected to our feet. Hence, when you pamper your feet, you hit the pressure points and in turn, you are automatically pampering your whole body.


What is the right way to do a pedicure at home?

The first step to trying pedicures at home is to invest in a Pedicure Kit.

DIY pedicure kit contains all the necessary tools for foot care treatment or pedicure that you need while doing the process at home. You can buy many foot care products online. An ideal pedicure at home requires warm water, liquid cleanser, pumice stone, foot scrub, foot mask, foot filer and foot cream or lotion. And remember, a pedicure is incomplete without beautiful toenails. For that, you will need a nail polish remover, a nail file, toe separators, nail buffers and clippers. Interesting, right?

Foot care procedure: Steps to do a pedicure at home

  • Pour some nail remover on a cotton ball or pad and remove the nail colour from your toes.
  • Soak your feet in warm water. You can use a tub or bucket for the same. Soaking your feet in warm water helps to soften up the cuticle around the toes. Softening helps to follow the cleansing process smoothly.
  • Take your feet out of the tub and clean them using the foot-cleaning brush. Once done, dip the feet again, take them out and then, wipe them with a clean towel.
  • Using a nail trimmer or filer, cut or file your toenails.
  • Use a mild body scrub and exfoliate the top layer of your nails. Exfoliating your nails help to increase circulation to your nail beds, removes yellow discolouration and leaves you with stronger and healthier nails.
  • Follow the exfoliation step to your whole feet including your lower calves. It removes the dead cells from the skin of your feet.
  • Take a pumice stone and start rubbing it on calluses. It is the best way to remove the callus and all dead cells sticking to your feet. Make sure you don’t over-rub and soften the skin. Because they are already softened due to soaking.
  • Don’t cut your cuticles as it can lead to infections or blisters. Instead, push them back using a tool to give your nails a cleaner and neat look.
  • Once all is done. Clean your feet with clean warm water and wipe them using a clean towel.
  • After cleaning, put some moisturizer or foot cream on your feet and heels. It keeps them hydrated. Also, for more hydration, you can use a foot moisturizing mask made of green tea. That really helps your feet to absorb moisture.
  • Now, you can also put on your favourite coloured nail colour and flaunt your feet like never before.


Foot Care Tools you must have:

Professional Pedicure Kit

Pumice Stone with rubber grip

2-in-1 Nail and Foot Cleaning brush

2-in-1 Callus remover and Pedicure file

Moisturizing Foot mask (Green tea)



Taking care of your feet is as important as your face. You can’t neglect it at any cost. Instead of rushing to the salon every time and paying a lot for foot care treatments, follow the above-mentioned foot care tips and take care of them at home in your own way. If you can do a skincare routine at home, then you can do a foot care routine too. And, it can be done once in 15 days. So, no rush! Keep your feet happy!


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Why is foot care important?

Feet are the foundation of your body. They help you walk, run and do whatever activities you want. It’s one of the most important and vital organs of your body. Physically, any injury or infection to your feet can lead to disorders of the foot that can greatly impact your mobility. However, it’s also connected to your nervous system and all the nerves are connected to them. Hence, taking care of them is vitally important.

Who needs foot care?

Everyone! Whether you are a teenager, an old adult, or a kid, everyone should consider foot care treatments. It helps in accurate mobility and increases blood circulation and confidence.

Is it healthy to get a pedicure?

During the pedicure procedure, you receive or give a massage to your feet by rubbing them while cleansing or exfoliating. A gentle massage increases your blood circulation and prevents pain. Also, cleaned and beautiful feet boost your confidence.

How often you should get a pedicure?

For adults, you can go once in 15 days. Otherwise, you can also get a pedicure every four to six weeks.

Can I take bath after a pedicure?

Yes, but make sure if you applied nail polish, wait to get in the dry first. Also, while bath avoids applying or doing anything to your feet.

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