Types of Combs and Hairbrushes: How to Choose the Right Hair Brush?

Date: February 1st, 2022 | Gubbecom

Did you know?

Some combs are specially designed for the saloon, and others are for curly hair, frizzy hair, or long hair.

All combs are not designed equally. It would be best if you did your hairstyling according to the texture and thickness of your hair.

Either narrow or wide teeth? 

Either plastic or wooden?

When you style your hair, always use the correct type of comb that complements your hair care products.

How to Choose the Right Hair Brush?

Test each comb- Don’t test directly on your hair as it may cause a lot of hair to fall. Try it on your Barbie doll’s hair if you have one. Choose the one that pulls out the least number of hairs.

Select a comb that has a good number of bristles for the brush.

Choose the right comb that complements your hair care product.

We hope you have at least a minute idea now of how to choose the right hair brush for your hair.


Now, let’s discuss the different types of combs with their benefits.


All-Purpose Comb

The all-purpose comb can use by all genders like children, men, and women. These combs have both fine and broad teeth. So, they are perfect for both thick and thin hair. You can find it commonly at beauty stores or online.

The all-purpose comb, approx seven-inch, is available in various solid and multi-colours. And it generally lasts a longer time than other combs.

Paddle Brush

If you have long and beautiful hair, you must eye the paddle brush. It has a vast base covering a large area of your scalp while smoothing your hair.

The paddle brush gives a better look when used with a blow dryer. It is one of the best tools for your everyday hair styling.

Cushion Brush

This brush is round in shape. The cushion brush has a soft rubber base with plastic bristles.

These brushes are effective for brushing out dandruff and stimulating the scalp.

They are used by professional hairstylists frequently. These brushes effectively smooth dry and curly hairs quickly.

Straightening Brush

This brush combines a hot iron straightener and a paddle brush. So, it can heat up to both straighten and smooth hair.

It would be best to use it on dry and detangled hair to get the best results. Never use this brush type on wet hair as it will damage them.

Brush your hair from the roots to the ends in small sections. Some straightening brushes also come with heat adjusters, set the heat level to your convenience, and repeat brushing to get the desired look.

Round Hairbrush

If you love beautiful curls, round hairbrushes are suitable to make and maintain the curls.

It is also the best brush type for blow-drying.

Round brushes keep your curls smooth and give them the natural bounce you desire. Round brushes also break frizzy hair and deliver the desired volume you need for your hair. The ball-tipped bristles gently massage your scalp and allow you to style your hair without any hair damage.

Rat Tail Brush

Rattail brushes and combs are teasing brushes having long and thin stem.

The most basic use for a rat tail comb is to cut sections of the hair strands from one another and smooth them out.

Wide Tooth Comb

Wide-tooth combs have thick bristles with space between them. They should be used on thick or curly hair when wet.

It detangles your hair, and it can also be used while washing your hair to distribute conditioner and shampoo.

Vented Brush

A vented brush is the best tool for quick blow-drying soaking-wet hair and everyday styling. The vents allow hot air to flow through, reaching all layers of hair.

It is the best tool for heat circulation thorough out the hair.

Lice Comb

It is a unique comb that is best for removing lice and their eggs. The speciality of the lice comb is its extra-fine plastic teeth.

This comb easily removes lice, nits, fleas, and eggs from your hair in a few glides.

This comb is ideal for kids and adults as it pulls out every dirty louse from your gorgeous hair!

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Tangle Eraser

It has super flexible bristles used for pain-free detangling.

Since hair gets tangled a lot during travel, the tangle eraser comb generally has a lightweight and travel-friendly design for ease of carrying.

You can just put it into your bag for frizz-free and tangle-free hair wherever you go!


In this practical guide, we wanted to talk about all types of combs and the best brushes for your hair.  Also, you have learnt how to choose the right hair brush for your hair type. Although they are essential styling tools, their choice is often overlooked and considered irrelevant. Those with voluminous curls should never use a brush for long and smooth hair to tame. Adopting the right tools for your hair type allows you always to keep your hair healthy and avoid unnecessary breakages.

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