How to use a hair straightener? Step-by-step Guide

Date: October 3rd, 2022 | Nageshwar RAO

We, women, love our hair when it’s perfectly straight. Isn’t it? Who doesn’t love the sleek hairdo look? Well, for having perfect hair, only washing your hair with mild shampoo and blow drying won’t be enough. Yes, to have shiny straight hair, you need a Hair Straightener

Hair straightening is a hair styling technique that has been running for ages. It started in the 1890s. Earlier, women used to straighten their hair using a clothing iron in order to have smooth, streamlined thick hair. Today, there are several hair straighteners available on the market that can give you beautiful silky straight hair in minutes.  

We understand that using a hair straightener might not feel like the right step because of some hair-damaging myths. Many of us even don’t want to lose our hair’s natural moisture due nitty-gritty of straightening hair. But, if you know what type of hair straightener to use along with the right preparation for straightening the hair, then you can have the perfect straight hair without any worry. 

Yes, choosing the right product and following the right procedure matters a lot. In this post, we will be sharing:

  • What are hair straighteners?
  • How do they work?
  • How to choose the right hair straightener for yourself?
  • What are the things to keep in mind while using a hair straightener?
  • Step-by-step guide on how to use a hair straightener at home

Let’s begin with the basics:

What are hair straighteners? How do they work?

A hair straightener is a hair styling tool made of a flat iron/straightener that straightens the hair temporarily by applying heat to the hair shaft. The tool is designed to remove waves or curls from the hair and give a smooth straight look. 

A hair straightener acts as the best tool when you don’t want to straighten your hair permanently using harsh chemicals. The best hair straightener can take care of your hair’s health and give you perfectly straight hair without any damage. 

How does it work?

It’s all science! While using a hair straightener, the flat irons break down the positive hydrogen bond found in the hair’s cortex which opens the hair by straightening all bends and curls. As a result, you get your dreamy straight hair. 

How to choose the right hair straightener for your hair?

Choosing the right type of hair straightener is important especially if you are figuring out how to use the hair straightener for the first time. The market is full of several hair straightener brands and products. The options are so many that it becomes hard to choose the best products without any reference.

Choosing the wrong hair straightener can damage your hair. Hence, it’s necessary to know about the brand and read about its structure and everything to make the final purchase. Don’t just buy it for the sake of offers or discounts. 

Coming to the point, there are several types of hair straighteners on the market. However, flat irons are the best ones when it comes to having shiny straight hair. They might be a little expensive as compared to other types but definitely worth it. Also, whenever you buy a new hair straightener, pick a straightener that comes with a ceramic coating. Why? Because the ceramic coating is quite gentle for your hair and gives extra shine without any damage. 

Also, the size of the hair straightener also matters. The ideal size of any hair straighter iron ranges between 1” to 1.5” wide. The size is available in most of the straighteners. However, always make sure to buy a hair straightener that has two iron plates i.e. iron plates on both sides. This type of hair straightener is considered the best type of hair straightener for all lengths and hair types. 


What are the things to keep in mind while using a hair straightener?

Using a hair straightener might seem intimidating but there are several things you should keep in mind while straightening your hair. Consider these things as do’s and don’ts:

Wash your hair before using the hair straightener

This is a common mistake done by most people whenever they plan to straighten their hair. They just don’t wash their hair. Before straightening, you need to wash your hair with mild shampoo or smoothing products to prepare your hair. Showering adds moisture to your hair and makes them ready to receive the heat. 

Also, don’t dry your hair using a towel as it enhances the natural curls and hence making the straightening process more time-consuming and irritating. Gently pat them and dry them using a hair dryer. 

Keep the temperature low

Especially if you are hair styling at home or doing hair straightening for the first time, we advise you to keep the temperature low. You are not a professional. So, don’t expect yourself to raise the heat to 450 degrees setting and start straightening your hair. Keep the temperature low and straighten your hair calmly. 

Divide your hair into sections

People keep on saying that they apply the iron multiple times but still, they don’t get the desired results. It’s all because they don’t divide the hair into small sections. You need to split the hair into small sections. You can do it while using hair clips. 

Do not repeat your motions

It’s highly advised don’t straighten the same section or spot again and again. Though it won’t give any harm by repeating the same motion, it won’t help. Some hair strands require a different set of heat settings. Repeating your motion on the same spot is only required when you have curly hair. Otherwise, 1-2 strokes are enough to straighten your hair. 


Step-by-step guide on how to use a hair straightener at home

Honestly, using a hair straightener doesn’t require rocket science. By following the complete steps and a little bit of practice, you can use a hair straightener at home like a professional. Here’s the step-by-step guide, only for you:

  • Wash your hair with a mild conditioning shampoo. If you have frizzy hair, then use a conditioner or hair mask too. It helps to lock in the required moisture and keeps your hair soft and shiny. Also, this step helps in taming frizzy hair. 
  • Avoid towel drying your hair as towel drying enhances the natural curls or frizz resulting in more mess. Instead of using a towel, dry your hair using a hair dryer with low heat.
  • Once get dry, comb your hair and detangle them. Consider this as the main step for hair straightening. Because tangled hair won’t get straight the way it should. 
  • Switch on the hair straightener. Meanwhile, divide your hair into small sections using clips. 
  • Select the right temperature. You can follow the book shared with the hair straightener for temperature setting. Or, you can keep it low if you are using it for the first time. 
  • Leave an inch from the roots and start straightening each section one by one. Avoid repeating the motions in the same section. 1-2 strokes are enough for hair straightening. And, straighten one section at a time. Don’t rush if you want to have the best results. 

Voila! You have been doing good. Now get ready to flaunt your sleek beautiful straight hair. 


Hair straightening has been happening for ages. We love to flaunt straight hair. However, choosing the wrong straightener can do severe damage. It is important to buy the right product and use it in the right way. Before using a hair straightener, keep do’s and don’ts in your mind and follow the steps we have mentioned thoroughly. Once done, flaunt your hair like they are meant to be. 


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Q. Can I apply hair oil before using the straightener?

No! Never use any oil before hair straightening. If you have used any oil or even serum, wash your hair and dry them before using a straightener. Then, only you can get silky straight hair. 

Q. Is it fine to use a hair straightener every day?

Ideally, you should avoid using a hair straightener every day. Once you straighten your hair, it will remain straight till the time your wash your hair. So, there will be no need to use the hair straightener on a regular basis. 

Q. Is it cool to use hair straighter on wet hair?

Avoid using a hair straightener on wet or damp hair. First, dry them properly to get long-lasting straight hair. Once they get 100% dry, you can use the hair straightener to straighten your hair. 

Q. Why does my hair smoke while using a hair straightener?

It’s actually steam. A hair straightener works by seeping all the moisture out of your hair to straighten it. Though you dry your hair 100%, still steam comes whenever you use a hair straightener. Nothing to worry about it. It’s part of the process. 

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