What Happens When You Use Rose Quartz Face Roller?

Date: November 14th, 2022 | Nageshwar RAO

Rose Quartz! These two words have created a revolution in the face care or skin care industry. Everyone is looking or searching about rose quartz, its various products, benefits and so on. And, if you are reading this post, then consider yourself as one of them. 

Beauty trends come and go, but the rose quartz face roller is one of the beauty products that has created a buzz. Many of us believe in updating our skincare routines around the year. We keep reading about new skincare products and try to incorporate them into our daily routines. 

Many of our readers have been asking us about rose quartz face roller and its benefits. Hence, we decided to share as much as we can to guide you. In this post, we will be discussing:

  • What is a rose quartz face roller?
  • What does a rose quartz face roller do?
  • Why should we use it? What happens when you use a rose quartz roller?
  • How to use it? How often should you use it?
  • And last, how to clean a rose quartz roller?

Here we go!


What is a rose quartz face roller?

Technically, rose quartz has been used for centuries in skincare routines by women to minimize wrinkles, fine lines and redness by massaging the skin and relieving tension naturally.

Today as well, it’s used to give your face a gentle massage and naturally glowing skin. Using it helps in removing dark spots and blemishes, and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. 


What does a rose quartz roller do?

Rose Quartz Face Roller does wonders for your face. Adding a rose quartz roller to your skincare routine has an effect equivalent to a massage done using your fingers.

It activates the lymphatic nodes of your face and accelerates the skin cell renewal process by making your entire face look smoother, glowing and healthier. It helps your facial skin tissues get rid of toxins and looks nourished in minutes.


Rose Quartz Face Roller Benefits: What happens when you use a rose quartz roller?

Using a rose quartz face roller has several benefits. Read out what happens when you use a rose quartz face roller on your face.

Helps in destressing

Rose quartz face roller brings out your inner and outer beauty. Like any other massager, the face roller gives the best relaxing treatments through massage. It relieves facial tension and brings out the amazing glow on your face. You can use it for pampering your face daily without any worry.

It has natural calming and healing properties that promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and relieve muscle tension. Once you get relieved from the stress, you feel super relaxed. Giving massaging to your face using a rose quartz face roller allows you to apply deeper pressure to lymph nodes and loosen muscular tension.

In short, you get free from all facial tension just like you have a long facial day. 

Reduce migraine and sinus problems

Have you ever wondered if could have health benefits from a rose quartz roller? Well, yes! When your roll your rose quartz roller over the skin, it unclogs the impurities and unnecessary build that sits within and drains it to get relief.

Massaging the roller over the cheeks, forehead, nose and under the eyes reduces the congestion from the sinuses and eases the pain associated with migraine. It’s said, if you are suffering from fever and cold, try using a face roller. It helps you to get through the pain you get from fever and cold. 

Improves your blood circulation

Many dermatologists suggested that using a rose quartz face roller in your daily routines for at least 5 minutes can bring significant change in your blood flow by up to 25%.

Increased blood flow pumps up your skin cells resulting in a natural rosy glow. It also helps in releasing more oxygen into your skin which generates better skin elasticity making your skin look firmer, brighter and healthier. 

Gets rid of toxins 

If talking about science, your lymphatic system is responsible for disposing of bodily wastes, keeping a balanced fluid level and defending your skin against infections. It carries white blood cells that help in taking care of your skin from infections, allergies and more.

Though the rose quartz face roller isn’t an immune booster, it improves your skin health from the inside by pressing on lymph nodes and draining unwanted fluid out of your face. Its regular use decreases puffiness, brightened skin, dullness, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Maximizes skincare products absorption

Applying skincare products via face rollers penetrates the products and absorbs them into the skin easily. Whether you use facial oils, serums, moisturizers and more, the rose quartz face roller work as a lubricating agent by reducing the friction generated as the stone rolls over your face.

It helps your skincare products to get fully absorbed. The roller is the greatest friend to your products you could ever have. 

Reduces puffiness and discolouration

Until you have more than 8 hours of sleep, it’s common to have puffy eyes. Sometimes, the puffiness and discolouration under the eyes are not because of the lack of sleep, it also indicates a lack of blood flow. Using a rose quartz roller can help you get rid of puffiness and discolouration by increasing blood flow.

Also, it has healing properties that result in brighter and livelier-looking eyes. Along with that try to have more water as a lack of fluid also results in puffiness and discoloration.


Rose Quartz Face Roller – How to use it?

Wondering how to use a rose quartz roller on your face? Or When to use a rose quartz face roller in a skincare routine? It’s pretty simple. Anyone can use the roller in just simple steps:

  • Wash your face using a deep cleanser. After washing it, dry your face before applying your skincare products. 
  • Now, you are free to use any skincare product. Apply it over the face.
  • Massage your face using the rose quartz face roller by stroking it in an upward and outward direction. 
  • For detoxification, start from the base of your neck. Then, gently roll it from your ears to collar bones. Repeat this step at least 3 times for better results. Then, roll it from the centre to your chin, drag it to the hairline and again down to your collarbones. Same way, repeat the step 3 times. For the nose, under the eyes and lips, use the small roller and drag it down to the collarbones again to clear up the lymph nodes. Repeat these steps on another side of the face. Roll the roller from the centre of the forehead towards one side of the face and drag it towards the collarbones. Repeat the same 3 times. 
  • For rejuvenating, start from the base of your neck by giving it an upward roll towards your jawline. From your chin, gently drag the rose quartz roller to your ears by following your chin and jawline. Now, roll from the centre of your chin towards the ears. Keep going upward in the same motion till you reach under your eyes. Then, proceed from the centre of your forehead towards the hairline in an upward direction. 
  • Before finishing the massage, wipe your face from any excessive skincare product left. Then, let it be relaxing. 


How often should you use a rose quartz face roller?

Ideally, you can use it every time you do your skincare routine. Mostly, it’s advised to do the skincare regime two times a day. Hence, you can use the roller twice a day. 

Using it for 5-10 minutes would be enough to give the desired results. 


How to clean a rose quartz face roller?

Every time you use a roller, it should be cleaned and have no residue from the last session. 

It’s easy to clean the rose quartz face roller. You can use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down any leftover dirt, oil, a product from the last session, or anything after every use. Be gentle to clear the roller. Make sure it doesn’t slip from your hand and gets broken. 

Another way is to deeply cleanse your roller by dipping it into warm water and washing it using a mild cleanser. You can use the same cleaner you use for your face. Once done, wipe it using a cloth and let it dry for a few minutes. 

Note: It’s always advised to store your rose quartz roller in a sealed bag to avoid contamination. Also, make sure you keep it in the fridge. Avoid using any harsh chemicals for cleansing purposes such as alcohol, acetone, bleach, etc. It can damage your roller. 



Buying a rose quartz face roller can be a great addition to your skincare routine. It’s completely safe and easy to use. It offers amazing properties and delivers the best by giving you a natural glow. You can carry it anywhere and use it at your convenience. It’s a must-have beauty product you can’t say no to. 

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Does the rose quartz face roller really work?

It can be an excellent addition to your beauty routine. It’s completely safe to use and helps your skincare products to get penetrated and benefited.  

How often should I use the roller?

Two times for 5-10 minutes is enough. Whenever you do your skincare routine, use the rose quartz face roller. 

Can I use the rose quartz roller after moisturization?

Yes, it helps to penetrate the product and absorbs quickly into the skin. A little massage to help your moisturizer get absorbed is the best way for your skin. 

Should I keep my rose quartz face roller in the fridge?

Yes, it is advised to keep the roller in the sealed pack in the fridge. It helps it to stay cool.

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